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Our mission…provide you with “Solutions in Virology and Infectious Disease Research”.



TanTec Biosystems offers a full line of polyclonal and  monoclonal antibodies for infectious diseases including viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungal diseases. We offer a variety of purified viral and bacterial antigens, cell lysates, and antigen microscope slides and ELISA antibody pairs to detect and quantify viral or bacterial antigens in your test samples.



We have assembled a list of matched pairs of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies that can be used to develop virus or bacteria- specific ELISAs.



TanTec Biosystems is a supplier of BioLife Solutions hypothermic storage media, Hypothermosol and cryopreservation media products BloodStor and Cryostor that preserve and protect primary cells and cell lines for superior viability during ultra cold storage or shipment of cells, tissues, and organs.



TanTec Biosystems will be offering in the coming months full length RNAs, cDNAs and DNA fragments for a number of viruses for that can be used for subcloning, PCR amplification or to quantify virus DNA copies found in your test samples.



We offer easy online ordering with real-time customer service or you can call or fax the TanTec Direct office to place your order. All products are guaranteed. Our customer service provides consistent and quick turnaround. Our dedicated scientists can guide you on product selection and lab protocol integration.